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AJ preaching the Word of God.

I have listened to many of AJ’s podcasts, live streams and videos. He has the knowledge of the Word of God and is able to teach it in such a way that is easy to understand. Praise God for AJ and his family!

Bible Preaching!

I met AJ on TikTok, great live shows Monday-Friday at 11am eastern time. AJ preaches from the Bible and explains the versus so I can understand/relate to them. The podcast episodes are extremely informative and I’ve come closer to God because of my understanding of His Word. Thank you AJ!

Good stuff

I found this pastor on ticktok! He is awesome, love this podcast so far, AJ is doing the Lords work ! I’m looking forward to listening regularly.

Great Blessing

I love listening to these podcasts, they are always so uplifting and enlightening! They are truly a blessing to those who listen, they’ve especially been a blessing to me! I love you and your family, and appreciate the word that you continue to spread and sow. Listening to your podcasts has also helped me to find other podcasters that have helped me grow in expecting and in receiving the promises of God! Listening to your testimony and the testimonies of those you’ve interviewed are very Spirit filled and encouraging. May you and your family continue to grow, prosper, and reap 30, 60, and 100 fold and be great fishers of men! Not only is God faithful, but we are the faithful!